If I could just write a book about all my clients, what a beautiful collection of friends and personalities it would be. There’s this woven tapestry of interlocking threads in my clientele that I love. I can put together a party and introduce people on that basis alone. It’s one of my favorite things really—matching people with people, and people with their perfect homes.

I’ve learned through the years that you build relationships through a kindred mindset. A shared attention to things that really matter. In the end, no one lives in a contrived, staged home. I don’t believe in rearranging people’s lives to conform to a home sale. And I think that’s why I work with families again and again and again. I’m never going to tell someone how to live. I look for the essence of what matters to them.

To me? Detail. Devotion. Discretion. Gut instincts. Vision. History. Yes, even good manners. I was born proper. My grandmother. My parents. It’s just in my blood. So of course I was intended to be an attorney or a doctor—real estate was never even considered a career. In fact, it was almost looked upon with disdain. But my passion for homes and, moreover, for people living in their homes, won out in the end. It was innate. Unmistakable. And I’ve never lost it in 30+ years (but who’s counting?)

It’s no secret that I have an affinity for historic and important homes. I’m a bit of a preservationist, but the climate in Dallas demands flexibility on that of course. I like to think that most of the time I’ve been able to guide the loss of an older structure towards the creation of a more meaningful one. I take great delight in the legacy of what we call the important home in Dallas. These homes have incredible life. Incredible strength. They define the people who steward them. I love facilitating that transformation.

Ralph Randall has been a Top Producer for thirty years. This comes as no surprise. From a BBA at Baylor University straight into to his first job at Helena Underwood Realtors in 1983, he showed his true colors—catapulting to Top Producer within his first 6 years in the business. Thirteen years as Top Producer at Ebby Halliday Realtors in Highland Park (two of those Companywide) were followed by a Top Producer year at David Griffin & Company, followed by consistent Top Producer status at Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate to-date—many Top Individual years, some Companywide.

Quite a road. Quite a reputation. Quite an agent.

But it’s not just industry and business prowess that makes Ralph a legendary agent in a crowded space and a particular page of Dallas’ ongoing real estate history. It’s relationship. It’s engagement. It’s respect. Membership in the elite Masters of Residential Real Estate has its perks. As does membership of the Dave Perry-Miller Advisory Board and the Texas Real Estate Political Action Committee, among others. Connection to the arts and community run deeper still.

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Ralph Randall